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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vons Deals - 91301

Vons is currently having a sale on Betty Crocker Cake mixes for 88cents each. The frosting, however, is high at $2.29.

If you pair this with the Betty Crocker coupon previously found on that offered $1.00 off if you purchased a baking mix and a frosting, then you will receive both the mix and frosting for $2.17, making them both $1.08 each.

Vons is also running a special on Campbell soup, buy one get one free at $2.89 per can. If you sign up at, you will receive several coupons including a coupon for buy two campbells Healthy request soup, get $1.00 off. That makes these soups $1.44 each. Cant beat that!

Finally, in Von's current newsletter sent by mail or found in the store, they have a $3.99 cold sandwich coupon- which is $1 off their regular price. $3.99 for a lunch is pretty good!

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