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Monday, April 18, 2011

Coupon Help- How Many Coupons Can I Use?

I found this article from Coupon mom- Coupon Information

She explains the small writing on the coupons- so you can find out if you can stack multiple coupons for one item:

Examples of common coupon terms and their general meanings:

"One coupon per purchase": This means that shoppers can use one coupon per item, with the item considered to be the purchase. For example, if a shopper had 10 identical jars of spaghetti sauce and 10 grocery coupons for that spaghetti sauce, she could use all 10 coupons for her order, which is literally 10 purchases. She could not use 2 manufacturers coupons on the same item if she was only buying one jar of spaghetti sauce because that would be more than "one coupon per purchase."

"One coupon per order": This means that the shopper can only use that specific coupon once per order. If a shopper had more than one coupon, they could use one coupon per store visit, which would be one coupon per order.

"One coupon per household": This is the most restrictive coupon term. Some coupons are so generous that stores will limit their liability by making sure shoppers do not make multiple trips to the store to use several coupons.

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