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Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Frito Lays Today ONLY!

GO to the Frito Lays page on Facebook today and "like" them.

At 3pm EST (Noon PST), they are giving away 24000 free Frito Lays Coupons

Did everyone get theirs???

Wheat Thins Crunch Stix Coupon

Go to the Wheat Thins page on Facebook and "like" the page.

You will receive a $1 off of their new Wheat Things Crunch Stix.

Does anyone have an Wheat Thins discounts to use with this coupon?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recycle Bank Points=Coupons

Click HERE to sign up for Recycle Bank.

Recycle Bank is an easy website- you earn points for completing challenges and in turn, trade-in the points for high value coupons.

I just signed up yesterday, and I already have 200 points!!

Sign up today!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal Coupon

Did anyone go to the $6 bottoms at Old Navy thsi weekend?

They had many clearance items to choose from. I left with $2 flipflops.

At the check out, they had samples of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal.. if you picked this up, it had a $1.25 off any ONE box.

Thats a great coupon- Please let me know if anyone has found how to get a free box using this coupoon!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FREE Nivea Chapstick

Thanks to Money Saving Mom - I just received two Nivea Chapsticks for FREE- and will get 6 more for free when I go to another Vons.

Go HERE and print out as many Nivea Coupons as you can - the coupon is $2 off of 2, and at Vons right now, they have them on sale for 99cents each= FREE

Anyone else take advantage of this coupon deal??


10 Power Bars for $5

10 Power Bars for $5

They have a deal at Vons (91301) for 10 Power bars for $10.

*Print out 5 BOGO (Buy One Get One) free coupons : HERE .

The print limit for this coupon is 2 prints per computer, so ask someone to use their computer!

That means you will receive 10 Power Bars for $5 at .50 cents each!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scotch Tape Coupons and Samples

Sign up HERE and you will receive a sample of Scotch Reusable Strips and Tabs plus coupons!

Free Origins Cleanser

Go HERE and print out the form, bring in any used or old cleanser, and they will trade you for a free full Sized Origins cleanser on 4/22!

Free Aveeno Sample

Sign up HERE for a Free Aveeno Sample!

Hurry before they run out... Let me know if you received yours!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Campbells Soup- Vons BOGO !!!(until 4/24/2011 91301)

1)Go to Campbell's Kitchen and sign up.

2)Then, go to their coupons tab, and print out all the Campbells Canned soup coupons.

3)At Vons in my area (91301) they have a BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 free) deal going on. (check online for Vons weekly circular before going so not to waste time!)

This is the perfect time to stock up!

Use the Save $1 off of 2 cans of Campbell s Select Harvest OR Save 5.0Cents off of 2 cans of Campbells Campbell Chunky soup(if they double at Vons it will be $1 off)

*$2.79 per can= $5.58
-$2.79 for BOGO
-$1 for Campbells Kitchen Coupon=

$1.79 total, = .89 cents per can!

Coupon Help- How Many Coupons Can I Use?

I found this article from Coupon mom- Coupon Information

She explains the small writing on the coupons- so you can find out if you can stack multiple coupons for one item:

Examples of common coupon terms and their general meanings:

"One coupon per purchase": This means that shoppers can use one coupon per item, with the item considered to be the purchase. For example, if a shopper had 10 identical jars of spaghetti sauce and 10 grocery coupons for that spaghetti sauce, she could use all 10 coupons for her order, which is literally 10 purchases. She could not use 2 manufacturers coupons on the same item if she was only buying one jar of spaghetti sauce because that would be more than "one coupon per purchase."

"One coupon per order": This means that the shopper can only use that specific coupon once per order. If a shopper had more than one coupon, they could use one coupon per store visit, which would be one coupon per order.

"One coupon per household": This is the most restrictive coupon term. Some coupons are so generous that stores will limit their liability by making sure shoppers do not make multiple trips to the store to use several coupons.

Cheap Pampers

*Go to, login (or signup) and go to "My Rewards"

*Load your Ralphs Reward Card card with Pampers coupons- Today they let you load $1.50 off ONE package of diapers for:
Swaddlers Sensitive
Easy up trainers
Extra protection.

*Then go register at .They will email you Pampers promotions and coupons.

*If you sign up for Pampers “Gifts to Grow Rewards” on that same website, you ll be able to enter pampers codes from each diaper package you buy and accumulate points on When you have enough points, you will receive coupons and/or free products!

Luna Bar's for .19 Cents

I received a Luna bar coupon for .50cents off one bar from Mamba Sprouts last week from here: Mambo Sprouts Coupons

Ralphs in my area(91301 and 91367) both double the coupons up to .50 cents everyday.

At Ralphs until 4/20- they have a buy 10 Luna bars for $10. Stack 10 Luna bar coupons for .50cents, then they will be doubled at the checkout for $1 off a luna bar and you will receive 10 Luna bars for FREE!

They are regularly $1.19, so if you only have one coupon- a Luna bar for .19 cents plus tax is still cheap!

How to Triple Ralphs Coupons!

Go to:
My Ralphs and create a profile. They will sync your profile up to your already existing Ralphs Rewards Card. If you aren't using one, sign up today as you are missing out on BIG savings!

Then, load coupons that are usually in print, onto your card from their site.

I tried yesterday, and they allow shoppers to use the rewards card loaded coupons along with the printed ones for the same product. (I shopped in area code 91367)

Example- I loaded my Ralphs card with a .50 cents off coupons of Wheat Wonder Bread. I also gave the cashier a printed coupon for .50 cents off wonder bread. Ralphs doubles coupons up to .50cents, so that coupon was doubled to $1.

Wheat Wonder Bread on sale for $2.99
-.50 cent Ralphs Reward Loaded Coupon
-$1 (.50 cent printed coupon doubled)
Total $1.49 for Wheat Wonder Bread.

make sure to check all printed coupons against the card loaded coupons so you can triple your savings!!

Has anyone tried it??- Please let me know your experiances!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sephora Discount

Sign up for Sephora's beauty inside today, and receive 15% off of your total order.

Go to their Facebook page and "like" them. Their Facebook page regularly has coupons and discounts as well on updates on the newest makeup trends.

Sephora gives out samples when you order online and usually there are promotion codes for online orders.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Movie Night In!

Sign up at RedBox or Blockbuster Express, you can rent a movie for one night (rent any time and return by 9PM the following night) for $1 for DVD and $2 for a game plus the applicable tax in your area.

These kiosks are scattered throughout the area at groceries stores, 7-Eleven’s and 99cent stores.

If you don’t watch it or decide to watch it again, just keep the movie and you will be billed $1 more per night you have the DVD.

Now that sounds cheap, but there’s absolutely no reason to pay even a dollar for it!

Every Monday, both RedBox (who is actually owned my Mcdonalds and coinstar!) and Blockbuster Express, both send emails and texts for a free Monday night rental.

Everything Thursday, Blockbuster Express sends you an email for buy 2 movies get one free. Now that’s still less than buying a movie at a regular blockbuster or for a Netflix monthly subscription.

If you would like to start receiving these free email and text coupons, sign up at the following websites:


BlockBuster Express

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Movie Night Out!

Low on money and want to get out of the house?

Have a large family and want to have a movie out night but it's too expensive? With crazy movie prices around $11 per person and not to mention the inflated price of snacks and popcorn, who can afford to go?

If you want to go see movies for FREE, sign up for the following movie screening sites:


Nelson Movies

You will receive emails for FREE movie screenings in your area. I receive 1-5 a month on the regular.

Wants cheaper snacks too? Heres how:

* Stop at the market first and buy them for half or less than the movie snack bar prices.

*Make popcorn at home and bring it with you. I prefer caramel popcorn as well as regular. Below please find my favorite caramel popcorn recipe:

Carmel Popcorn Recipe

Be the first to see movies. Recomeend them to your friends when they actually arrive in theaters!

Enjoy your free movie night alone or with the fam!

Kraft First Taste- Freebies and Coupons

If you haven't already- I highly suggest that you sign up for Kraft First Taste.

Every month or so, if you check on their site, they will let you know the new Kraft products, and as a taster- you'll receive a coupon for a free product along with a coupon discount for a friend.

Today there new free taste coupon, is Kraft Shredded Cheese with a taste of Philly Free coupon.

Click on the picture below to sign up!

Bread Dates and Freshness

Does your bread go bad too fast? Mine does. Maybe many of you didnt know, like me, that the bread includes a clue other than the sell by date... the bread tie color! Below is the days of the week that the bread is made and its corresponding color.

When buying bread, make sure to buy the color of that day or the day before, so that the bread is fresher longer and you can save money and not waste.

Monday - Blue

Tuesday - Green

Thursday - Red

Friday - White

Saturday - Yellow

If your bread is about to go bad, a good idea is to freeze it. When you're making a recipe that includes bread crumbs, take the bread out, put it in a processer and make bread crumbs yourself! It will save you a few bucks and is always on hand.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Freebies

Nothing is better on your Day Of Birth then some freebies- especially when you can use them all week long! I can't think of one reason why someone wouldnt want the following treats for free! :P

Just sign up at the following websites- and when your birthday month rolls around, make sure to check your email. The deals may change each year and I've included what I've received for your information.

If you worry about alot of junk email, I suggest you create an email address just for your junk/coupon/informational emails and another for your personal and work emails so that you dont have to sift through it all everyday to get to the personal emails!

Cold Stone Creamery – Free single scoop with topping (no purchase necessary)

Red Robin- Free Burger

Bennihannah- $ 30 gift certificate

DSW- $5 off any purchase

Baskin Robins- Free icecream scoup

Sephora- Free birthday gift (last year was free lipgloss set and this year was free Philosophy Birthday cake flavored body wash- No purchase necessary)

Costplus- $10 certifcate (no purchase necessary)

Vons Deals - 91301

Vons is currently having a sale on Betty Crocker Cake mixes for 88cents each. The frosting, however, is high at $2.29.

If you pair this with the Betty Crocker coupon previously found on that offered $1.00 off if you purchased a baking mix and a frosting, then you will receive both the mix and frosting for $2.17, making them both $1.08 each.

Vons is also running a special on Campbell soup, buy one get one free at $2.89 per can. If you sign up at, you will receive several coupons including a coupon for buy two campbells Healthy request soup, get $1.00 off. That makes these soups $1.44 each. Cant beat that!

Finally, in Von's current newsletter sent by mail or found in the store, they have a $3.99 cold sandwich coupon- which is $1 off their regular price. $3.99 for a lunch is pretty good!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Garden Seeds- Flowers and Veggies

I came across a website that offers free seeds if you send them a SASE.

Sign up, and they will send you 6 random packs of seeds with a SASE. OR if you have seeds, you can lovingly donate to their site and help contribute to paying it forward!


CVS Free for 32 Cents Essence of Beauty

If you sign up online at CVS, you may get a coupon for a Free Full Size Essence of Beauty Antibacterial product coupon for up to $3.99.

I bought the Essence of Beauty Passion Flower Anit-bacterial hand soap for $3.99 and walked out paying .32 cents in taxes for it. I also received a CVS Extra Bucks coupon for $4 off of $20!

They also had Anit-bacterial hand sanitizer for $2.49, which would be free.
If you haven't already, sign up at and claim your free product today!