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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Movie Night Out!

Low on money and want to get out of the house?

Have a large family and want to have a movie out night but it's too expensive? With crazy movie prices around $11 per person and not to mention the inflated price of snacks and popcorn, who can afford to go?

If you want to go see movies for FREE, sign up for the following movie screening sites:


Nelson Movies

You will receive emails for FREE movie screenings in your area. I receive 1-5 a month on the regular.

Wants cheaper snacks too? Heres how:

* Stop at the market first and buy them for half or less than the movie snack bar prices.

*Make popcorn at home and bring it with you. I prefer caramel popcorn as well as regular. Below please find my favorite caramel popcorn recipe:

Carmel Popcorn Recipe

Be the first to see movies. Recomeend them to your friends when they actually arrive in theaters!

Enjoy your free movie night alone or with the fam!

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