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Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Triple Ralphs Coupons!

Go to:
My Ralphs and create a profile. They will sync your profile up to your already existing Ralphs Rewards Card. If you aren't using one, sign up today as you are missing out on BIG savings!

Then, load coupons that are usually in print, onto your card from their site.

I tried yesterday, and they allow shoppers to use the rewards card loaded coupons along with the printed ones for the same product. (I shopped in area code 91367)

Example- I loaded my Ralphs card with a .50 cents off coupons of Wheat Wonder Bread. I also gave the cashier a printed coupon for .50 cents off wonder bread. Ralphs doubles coupons up to .50cents, so that coupon was doubled to $1.

Wheat Wonder Bread on sale for $2.99
-.50 cent Ralphs Reward Loaded Coupon
-$1 (.50 cent printed coupon doubled)
Total $1.49 for Wheat Wonder Bread.

make sure to check all printed coupons against the card loaded coupons so you can triple your savings!!

Has anyone tried it??- Please let me know your experiances!

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