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Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Movie Night In!

Sign up at RedBox or Blockbuster Express, you can rent a movie for one night (rent any time and return by 9PM the following night) for $1 for DVD and $2 for a game plus the applicable tax in your area.

These kiosks are scattered throughout the area at groceries stores, 7-Eleven’s and 99cent stores.

If you don’t watch it or decide to watch it again, just keep the movie and you will be billed $1 more per night you have the DVD.

Now that sounds cheap, but there’s absolutely no reason to pay even a dollar for it!

Every Monday, both RedBox (who is actually owned my Mcdonalds and coinstar!) and Blockbuster Express, both send emails and texts for a free Monday night rental.

Everything Thursday, Blockbuster Express sends you an email for buy 2 movies get one free. Now that’s still less than buying a movie at a regular blockbuster or for a Netflix monthly subscription.

If you would like to start receiving these free email and text coupons, sign up at the following websites:


BlockBuster Express

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